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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  December 7, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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proposing $7.5 billion in cuts for healthcare and social services for the poor. his plan did not get an enthusiastic response. >> he's gone in 30 days. we have a new governor coming in looking forward to working with governor brown. >> governor schwarzenegger says the legislature needs to take action now to cut the deficit rather than wait until governor elect jerry brown takes office next month. >> it is 4:36 now. the latest legal arguments on prop 8 have been heard and now it's time to wait for the three-judge federal panel to hand down their decision on same sex marriage. even when the ruling comes prop 8 will still be a hot legal issue. >> courthouses have become all too familiar for the plaintiffs trying to overturn prop 8. their fate is now in the hands of this three-judge appeals court panel which must decide whether to uphold a district
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judge's ruling that the voters' 2008 ban on same sex marriage is unconstitutional. they will decide if sponsors even have the legal right to argue the case since the state's top lawyer has decided not to. >> did you ever seek an injunction or an order or anything suggesting that the attorney general should appear and appeal? >> no, we didn't. >> the judges also seem skeptical of an effort by imperial county to intervene but at least one worried about having no one to defend prop 8. >> and if the state doesn't defend it, it's just tossing in the towel. >> the judges are also reviewing the merits of the case, whether prop 8 violates the constitutional right of gays and lesbians. >> this proposition marginalized and stripped over a million gay and lesbian californians of
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access to what the supreme court of the united states has repeatedly charactered as the most important relation in life. >> it is whether the definition of marriage, that momentous issue, is one for the people themselves to resolve through the democratic process. >> the lawyers are praising the quick pace of the legal proceedings and though there's no timetable for this decision, the case could make its way to the u.s. supreme court by 2012. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> if you missed yesterday's proceedings, you can find the webcast that we aired live at we will also have a slide show of the hearing and the events surrounding it. you can find both on the front page and under "see it on tv." >> the grinch has spoiled christmas for the santa at the union square macy's. john who has been chris crinkle some 20 years was fired friday
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night for telling a couple a naughty joke he said he's used for years when adults visit. >> they sat on my lap and i said have you been good this year and they said oh, yes. and i said, well, that's too bad. then i said you know why santa's so happy and jolly all the time, don't you? they said, no, we don't know. i said that's because santa knows where all the naughty boys and girls live. >> well, the couple complained to management and toomey was fired. some macy's employees say the store overreacted. they say they're devastated by toomey's firing. macy said they won't comment because it involves an employee. maybe des moines i can see that happening but the jokes weren't that racy. >> and a problem sitting on santa's lap. that i haven't seen at the mall. >> maybe that should be the issue.
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grownups sitting on santa's lap. >> you're making me laugh again. >> we'll stop with the laughter here and go over there for a look at the forecast. >> mike, don't make her laugh. what are you saying, i'm not funny. pretty sure that's what you said. >> no, mr. persony, i did not say that. >> how about a smile. >> how about you do it first. good morning, everybody. made it to tuesday. you'll notice the lack of clouds has made it much cooler. in fact, we only have san francisco at 50 while all of us were in the 50s yesterday. we're dipping to 40 in fairfield. dress for slightly cooler conditions. 10 degrees cooler in concord, 12 livermore, 11 fairfield, 12 napa, 11 santa rosa. 9 san rafael, 8 oakland, 11 redwood city and 8 san jose. so if you're meter was running all night, that's one of the reasons why. today clearly 57. everybody else in the low to mid-60s with high clouds and sunshine. down around the monterey bay,
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we'll have high clouds and sunshine. temperatures low to mid-60s not only around the bay but also inland. let's take a look at your 7-day forecast. rain this time tomorrow moving into the north bay. all of us will get some on wednesday, become more scattered on thursday and friday and once it passes look for warmer than average afternoons for saturday, sunday and monday. good morning. >> mike, good morning. quiet out there so good time to head out the door if you're planning to do that shortly. but there's road work blocking a major connection ramp. southbound 87 to south 280. in addition to that we've got lanes blocked on 237 at 880, and it's only one lane i think in each direction and that's only until 5:00 as well. so you see all that green as we go outside what you find is a good ride. here's what it looks like now heading across the bay bridge.
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>> it's 4:44. some of the bay areas best selling authors have joined forces to raise awareness and money for hikers held in iraq. also the story with sarah, the woman who had lesson prisoner with shane bauer and josh fattal. >> it was the same story author katie saw two months ago. >> i actually am -- don't know sarah personally but i heard her on npr. and she did such a great job of
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talking about her story and her plight that i decided to get involved and organize this event. >> the event of free all three was a fund-raiser to bring other bay area best selling authors and friends together to help support and raise funds to pay ongoing legal fees for the families of the three imprisoned. >> the toll this has taken on our families is real. it's something that i was protected from when i was in prison, they didn't want us to know about it and as soon as i got out it's one of the most difficult things for me to see. >> the event was held at the verdi club in san francisco. >> everyone i know has donated something. i've donated my gardening services. this is a bowl from a friend's mom. we're excited to do anything we can to bring home these two innocent people. >> local author andrew sean
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greer who entained the crowd with a lively reading believes more needs to be done to secure the release of shane and josh. >> people because of this event have come out. here i am talking to you. that's the most important thing, more than raising money is raising some kind of awareness. >> lee glasser, abc 7 news. >> a major development in the wikileaks controversy. why british police arrested the founder of the organization this morning. >> the president's tax deal with republicans is not sitting well with democrats. why they may have no choice since the clock is ticking fast. >> and an aspirin a day. you already know it's good for
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we're looking at mid to upper 30s d.c., new york and boston. phoenix, 77. good news is with the deep freeze going on not much happening other than lake-effect snow. we don't have any delays at our airports but the rain is moving towards portland, seattle. flight tracker will have that on here's eric with more news. >> mike, thank you very much. 4:49 now. in washington they're called the bush era tax cuts but they're likely to continue through president obama's first term. the president and republican congressional leaders have hammered out a tax deal guaranteed to make nearly everyone unhappy. jenelle wang joins us live with more. jenelle, democrats maybe unhappyiest of all? >> they are. and president obama knows that. he still cuts a deal with congressional republicans to extend all bush era tax cuts. today vice president biden will head to capitol hill to sell it to democrats.
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if no action is taken taxes go up for everyone january 1st. the deal would extend tax cuts for another two years for all working americans including the middle class and the wealthiest americans. that's something republicans wanted but democrats believe the highest earners should not continue getting the tax breaks. >> i think a lot of people are wondering why president obama doesn't fight for what he believes in a lot more. it seems like it goes from zero to fold in pretty fast time. >> not perfect. this compromise is an essential step on the road to recovery. >> but republicans did make some concessions. they agreed to extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months, something they say the u.s. can't afford. the proposed deal would extend college tuition and child tax credits. it also lowers the payroll tax by 2 percentage points by one year. it's a way to keep the economy
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moving forward. >> taking a taxi from san francisco international airport. it could cost you more. the commission will vote on a series of changes that will raise the minimum cost of a cab right to $17. the bottom line fare should be at least a dollar more. at issue are the rule on fees that cab drivers have to pay the airport every time they pick up a packer. the lowest fare at the airport is $8.10. >> it's 4:51. let's take a look at the forecast. see what we have in store for us. >> sunshine, warmer weather. that's kind of a tease because the rain does return about this time tomorrow. let's take a look outside. some of the fog trying to move out of the north bay looking from ballmer peak to san francisco. you can kind of see it taking over, kind of like the blob. it's kind of oozing out. watch out for infection fog. up in the north bay valleys right now. let's talk temperatures 'cause that will be a difference
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compared to yesterday. temperatures range from 40 in fairfield to 50 in san francisco. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. the monterey bay and inland, low to mid-40s until you get to gilroy at 39. our highlights partly cloudy today, warmer than average. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. rain returns tonight. the north bay will get it first and we'll have a wet and unsettled pattern through at least friday. looks like we'll shut the rain machine off friday night and bring us a pretty warm and sunny weekend. down in the south bay today, a lot of 63, 64, 65. mid-60s on the peninsula. notice high clouds and sunshine over the entire bay area. near 60 half moon bay, pacifica and the sunset, daly city 61. low to mid-60s through the north bay except bodega and clear lake in the upper 50s. richmond the cool spot, 61. 64 oakland and fremont low to mid-60s in the east bay valleys.
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concord around of 3 degrees. around the monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. around the state today, all is fairly quiet. maybe a stray shower towards eureka at 56. sunshine 46 and tahoe. low to mid-70s for l.a. and also palm springs. the rain shield moving across the north bay. temperatures will stay up tonight in the mid to upper 40s. may even be around 50 oakland and san francisco. here's what we're looking at. cold front from the weekend moving away. high pressure dominated our sky yesterday, brought us that warm weather. today it will keep us mainly sunny and hold off this cold front until tomorrow and that's when we'll get the rain. because of that low sitting out there spinning, hurl chunks of energy at us. everything kind of breaks down and then returns for thursday. we get one wave of rain. that will move from north to south tomorrow. about a quarter to half inch of rain. once that passes, no chunk of
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energy comes through thursday with more scattered showers and one more piece on friday and you see that really gorgeous sunshine is hanging around for the weekend. hope you have a great day. here's frances with the commute. good morning. >> mike, enjoy the dry commute this morning because we know we're in for a few rough rides. 880 interchange in san jose. the road work southbound as you make your way towards the capitol expressway should be cleared the next few minutes. the road work cleared at 5:00 this morning and 101 looks good in millbrae towards sfo. moving northbound there, blinking lights but nothing blocking any of the lanes at this point. interstate 80 looking good in berkeley for headlights westbound to the bay bridge toll plaza where there are no delays at all. you can always find out the latest information at anytime when it's convenient for you. just go to
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you'll find it under the bay area traffic link. kristen. >> frances, thanks a lot. wikileaks founder julianna assange has a new set of problems. he was arrested this morning on charges related to a swedish sex crime allegation made by two women he met in sweden over the summer. he's to appear in magistrate court today. he leaked hundreds of documents last week. since then the u.s. government has launched a criminal investigation against wikileaks which has also seen its bank accounts cancelled and its websites attacked. >> doctors told elizabeth edwards that further treatment for her cancer would be unproductive. reporters are being told her family and friends including estranged husband john have gathered at her bedside in north carolina. edwards put a message on her page saying the days of our lives for all of us are numbered.
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we know that. friends say she is not in pain and is in good spirits. a major new study this morning shows one low dose aspirin a day could significantly cut the risk of death from the most common forms of cancer. researchers were studying 25,000 people who take daily aspirin who are heart disease. >> the risk of dying of cancer was reduced by about 25%. >> the daily dose of aspirin was found to reduce the death rate for an array of cancers. they include colon, lung, esophageal and gastrointestinal cancers. but side effects include bleeding and stroke. you should consult with your doctor before taking aspirin on a regular basis. >> next on abc 7 news at 5 a.m.
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